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This tiny setup looks more like a market stall than a proper building, but more importantly, there's a softly purring Meowth on the counter, and really, who would resist that? A small plaque next to its apparently normal sleeping spot proclaims its name to be Momoko, and to leave your money on its... stomach? Piscari Town only seems to get weirder...
Category Name Category Description
For those who'd like to try making their own Pokeballs!
Battle Items
Used exclusively in battle, these items can give your Pokemon an edge over their opponent.
Breeder Aisle
Breeder-oriented, but not exclusive! Items found here focus on Pokemon breeding.
Class Change
Buy one of these items to change your character's class. Limited to one [1] purchase per month per character.
Event Items
These items are exclusive to site wide events and become impossible to get after the events are over.
Evolution Items
These items are required to evolve certain Pokemon, though they can be difficult to obtain! Plot with a moderator in a journey thread to find these, or buy them when they're in stock!
Holding the secret to a time long since past, these stones hold the key to creating new Pokemon... It seems more research is needed to discover their true potential.
Healing Items
From berries to potions, this section has everything you could ask for in the heat of battle.
Held Items
Items your Pokemon can hold in and out of battle, with uses ranging from lessening damage to avoiding fights.
Hidden Machines (HMs)
HMs are unique moves that give special benefits when used, allowing trainers to travel across water, skies, and more. To read more about how HMs work on PLEDGE, check out this page. To learn an HM move, please post in the Move Learning Thread.
Journey Items
Some items to help you on your journey! From repels to escape ropes, these are sure to make sure everything goes smoothly!
Key Items
These items allow your character special IC privileges and abilities.
Link Items
These items will boost or otherwise affect your link percent with a Pokemon!
This Category is for other items that can be obtained through roleplay, bought in the various town stores (post in those threads to receive them!), and more!
Poacher Traps
Poachers may use these items in place of Apricorns/Pokeballs to catch Pokemon.
Various types of Pokeballs are stocked here, for those who can't make their own.
Technical Machines (TMs)
TMs are one use items that allow you to teach a Pokemon a specific move. At the moment, TMs can only be bought at Uberimme City. To learn a TM move, please post in the Move Learning Thread.
These items are purely for staff to give to members, such as starting items and badges.
Rare, elusive items said to be given out by powerful beings. With a Z-Ring and a Z-Crystal, both Trainer and Pokemon can unlock their true battling potential through Z-Moves.

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